Why Should You Try Heat Sealing for Packaging Your Products?

January 29, 2021

If you are an importer, exporter, or retailer, and you need to secure and protect your products for shipping, not only while in storage, but during transport from either your warehouse or a third party storage and distribution centre, to shop fronts, or directly to your customers’ front door, then heat sealing packaging is exactly the warehousing service your company needs.

Not all products need heat seal packaging, however, products are made safer and more secure when they are. There are some products that really do need heat sealing packaging, even if they may not seem like they do.

Suitable Materials and Techniques to Heat Seal Each Type of Product

The right sealing techniques need to be used on the products according to their type, size and fragility. Also, the materials, such as the thermoplastic material and cardboard or other backing, for this process often vary according to the technique and product. When you hire warehousing services to perform heat sealing for you, the personnel from the company should be able to walk you through your choices in order for you to have final say-so over the outcome of your heat-sealed products.

Exposure Time to Sealing Equipment

Sealing exposure time is how long the heating elements come into physical contact with the thermoplastic materials. While some techniques are single-sided only, other take a double-sided approach. The 3PLs company that you turn to for this service should have a deep understanding of the sealing exposure times since this initialises and forms the final seal. If the exposure time is too little, the seal will not be adequate, but if the exposure time is too much, the packaging may be damaged during the sealing process.

Temperature Settings

Along with exposure time, the temperature settings also are crucial to the outcome of this sealing process. The sealing elements must heat to the appropriate temperature to activate or melt the sealant to ensure a durable bond between all pertinent materials.

Amount of Pressure

Regardless of the type of equipment for heat sealing, all of it should apply the right amount of pressure on all the materials to obtain an optimal seal. Too little pressure and the thermoplastic material will not come into contact with the base materials firmly enough for the seal to be strong and durable, and too much pressure can crush the base materials and possibly the products.

For further heat sealing guidelines in warehousing services, consult with our company of Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We not only provide this type of service but also many others to help you with your distribution needs. Our company will customise a plan of our services to suit your needs in a quality manner.

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