The Importance of Product Labelling on Warehouse Racks and in Storage Facilities

December 1, 2015

Organisation is a necessity in a storage and warehousing facility. Without it, the workers will not be able to locate any of the products quickly that are in the inventory. As a result, the entire facility operations will slow down to a crawl, if not stop dead in their tracks. All areas of the business will feel the pain of disorganisation. The solution to this dilemma is product labelling for the individual products and their locations on the shelves in the warehousing and storage facilities.

Labelling Ensures an Accurate Inventory Record

Periodically throughout the year, all reputable warehousing and storage facilities conduct an inventory to ensure that the physical stock matches their digital records. When all the products contain accurate labels, inventory is easier to double check. Workers will have no need to open the boxes to discover what is inside since the boxes all contain accurate product labels. In addition, labels are easily tied in with software applications for inventory control that increase the efficiency of the facilities.

Workers Will Be Able to Quickly Process Incoming Stock

Workers will understand the exact aisle and racks place incoming stock from the various shipments that come in daily. Within a matter of hours, stock is off the loading dock and up into the racks whereas, without the correct labelling this task may require days to accomplish. Demands for organisation are too great today for shoddy practices in product labelling.

Product Labels Help Workers Identify Merchandise for Efficient Order Fulfilment

When orders come in for merchandise, the workers will be able to pull, pack and ship the products quickly to ensure the customers receive their orders in a timely manner. The location of the merchandise often is imprinted right on the invoice that the workers refer to process the order. Storage and warehousing facilities must ensure their order processing is as smooth as possible or orders will not leave the warehousing facility in an efficient manner.

Labelling of Warehouse Racks Ensures Adequate Space for Each Product

Storage and warehousing facilities will ensure that they have adequate space for each product when they label all the racks in the warehousing facility. Since they manage the products of a number of different companies, this labelling is vital to their operations.

All of the above are reasons why product labelling on warehouse racks and in storage facilities is important. Clients of these facilities should seek out those companies that deliver accurate labelling options for their products. Options that ensure proper labels on all products and warehouse location are signs that the company understands how crucial it is to provide top-quality service to all its clients.

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