Third-Party Warehousing Helps Businesses That Lack Storage Facilities for Their Products

December 1, 2017

Often, storage space is an issue for businesses that deal in the sales and shipment of merchandise. At times, they settle this issue by investing in larger warehouses, but this is the most expensive and complex solution. What these companies are unaware of is how third-party warehousing companies can assist them. If you are tired of moving your business from location to location to gain additional storage space or in need of it at present, you need to understand that these companies can provide you the extra storage area that you require at a far less price than changing locations will cost you among other benefits. We explain this is a bit more detail in the following information.

Additional Storage Space Is Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis

One huge benefit of using third-party warehousing is that you can opt of extra storage space on either a temporary or permanent basis. You may only require additional space during the Christmas season instead of year round. On the other hand, you may need more space to store goods all throughout the year since your business has grown substantially over recent years.

You Save Money

When you hire third-party warehousing company to provide you with additional storage space, it costs a fraction of what leasing a new facility will cost you. Also, you will not have the confusion and cost of moving to the new location.

A Provider of Third-Party Warehousing Provides Accurate Inventory Counts and Tracking

Along with your additional space, you will gain accurate inventory counts and tracking, thanks to sophisticated software, barcodes and constant monitoring. The provider also will report to you periodically to keep you informed of the inventory status of all of your products in the third-party facility.

Efficient Order Fulfilment Is Another Benefit of This Type of Warehousing

If you so desire, you can take advantage of the efficient order fulfilment services that this third-party offers. The pickers and packers are experts in facilitating orders in such a way that pleases customers. As a result, your business will continue to grow and prosper.

Instead of planning your next move, consult with Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We are a quality third-party warehousing company that provides storage for those businesses that lack sufficient space to handle all of their product demands. Our company’s goal is to partner with you to increase your productivity and decrease your stress. Make sure to ask us about all of our services when you contact us since we offer many others besides just what is mentioned here.

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