The Importance of Product Auditing and Monitoring in Packaging and Warehousing Services

December 14, 2015

When you rely on an outside source for packaging and warehousing services, you must select a company that provides these services in a quality manner. Part of these services should be reliable product control to ensure that your business always has the proper level of inventory to fulfil its orders in a timely, accurate way. The way to accomplish this type of control is through the effective auditing and monitoring by the outside source you hire for your warehousing and packaging services.

Auditing Keeps Product Damage to Minimum

Auditing the level of product damage that occurs regularly with your products allows for corrections to occur to lower this level when necessary. It allows the warehousing company to keep track of employees who may not be as careful as they should be with your merchandise. Product damage can cut into your profits when left unchecked.

Auditing Products Reduces Costs

Proper auditing of which products sell well and which ones that may be overstocked according to demand can reduce costs for your business. You may be over ordering on a few products and under ordering on others. Auditing reports in this area will help you adjust your ordering methods, and in most cases, will lower your spending on restocking.

Auditing Product-Storage Requirements Helps Provide Enough Space for Your Products

The Company you turn to for packaging and warehousing services also should audit the amount of space that your business requires for your products. All your products should have their own spot in the warehouse at all times. When the company organizes the space this way, it ensures expeditious restocking and order filling.

Monitoring Shipping Methods Guarantees a Timely Delivery Schedule

When a warehousing company monitors the proficiency of its shipping methods continually, the company can quickly spot issues that may slow down your customers receiving their orders. A different method of shipping may be necessary to improve services for your business. Ask for periodic reports in this area to ensure you stay on top of the effectiveness of the company's shipping services.

Monitoring of Inventory Ensures That Product Levels Correspond to Customer Demands

Monitoring your overall inventory in the company's warehouse should be a priority for the warehousing company since without the proper products in stock, you cannot fulfil orders in the correct manner. A periodic inventory should be conducted as well as utilising computer software to track your stock on an ongoing basis.

Do not overlook the importance of auditing and monitoring in packaging and warehousing services when you search out the right warehousing company for your needs. Ask which methods that company utilises to provide you with these services.

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