Warehouse Picking and Packing: How to Efficiently Optimise the Process

December 13, 2018

The picking and packing process is one of the most important processes in a warehouse as far as moving goods out of the warehouse in a timely and an accurate fashion goes. If this process lacks organisation, it will be less efficient and more time consuming. As a result, it will take longer for your customers to receive their orders. Your customer dissatisfaction will drop to an all-time low. In case your picking and packing need a bit of improvement, we list some useful advice below to accomplish it.

Choose the Right Picking Method for Your Goods

Know which picking method is best for your needs. Examples of some effective methods include:

  • Discrete order picking is when you pick one order at a time. This method is ideal for small businesses.
  • Batch picking involves numerous orders being picked at one time.
  • Wave picking is a combination of the Discrete and Batch methods.
  • Zone picking allots one area of the warehouse to each picker, and he or she picks orders only in his or her zone.

Organise the Warehouse to Move the Orders Towards the Packing Stations and Dock Area

The flow of your picking and packing process should start in the storage area and wind up at the packing stations or areas that should be next to the loading and unloading area. By doing this, you ensure that both proceed smoothly.

Place the Storage Locations on the Orders Along With Product Barcode Numbers

Another way to add efficiency to your picking and packing process is to add the storage locations on the orders along with the products’ barcode numbers. The pickers will be able to easily locate each item on the orders.

Double Check All Orders Prior to Packing

Enact a checking system for all picked orders to ensure that each contains the proper items. A system such as this reduces mistakes and delays for the packers. The packers should know that the order is right and not be the ones who need to check each order. They have enough to worry about with packing in a quick, accurate manner.

Employees Should Know the Fastest Way to Pack Your Goods

Train your employees in the fastest, most effective ways to pack your specific goods. You should teach them how to select the right size boxes or envelopes along with the ideal amount of padding to ensure that they protect the goods during shipping while minimising packing costs for you at the same time. An example of this is a singular small item should be packed in a small container that allows just enough space for the right amount of padding. When the packers use too large of a box for a small item, it costs you additional funds that the customer does not pay you for to begin with, and this reduces your profit.

For further advice on how to efficiently optimise the warehouse picking and packing process, turn to Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. After all, we specialise in this process along with other services on an outsource basis.

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