Best Standard Warehouse Practices for Effective Sorting and Distribution of Goods

December 10, 2018

Warehouses need to work efficiently to keep moving the goods in and out with proficiency. Also, the goods require the right type of handling and storage to maintain a steady stock of them in the appropriate manner. To help you with your efforts in your own warehouse, we supply you with the following best standard warehouse practices for effective sorting and distribution of goods.

1. Keep a Highly Organised Receiving Area

Effective sorting and distribution of goods starts with the reception of incoming stock. If you keep the receiving area highly organised, your workers can check in the goods and place them in storage efficiently.

2. Set up a Special Area for Goods That Require In-Depth Sorting Prior to Storage

Certain types of goods such as small electronic parts require additional sorting upon reception before they can be placed in their proper storage location. To ensure that this sorting can be performed quickly and without issue, designate an area for it in the warehouse with any necessary equipment.

3. Use an Automated System for Inventory Tracking

Embrace modern technology to track your inventory in an accurate fashion. Automating this uses barcodes on the goods along with sophisticated computer software to track the incoming, on-hand and outgoing goods. By taking this action, you will be able to spot which goods are you primary, moderate and slow movers. You will be able to order your stock in a more economical way using this information from the tracking.

4. Aisles Should Allow for Easy Navigation for Workers

Another one of the best standard warehouse practices for effective sorting and distribution of goods is to create wide enough aisles for smooth traversing to and from the storage area. This is especially important when your workers use forklifts or other mechanical lifts to put away stock or to retrieve it for orders.

5. Include Location of Goods on Orders

When you place the location of the goods on all orders, you workers can go right to the items when they are picking the orders in preparation for shipping. They will not need to wander around aimlessly wasting time.

6. Designate an Area for Packing, Weighing and Labelling Orders for Shipment

To move the orders out the door with great efficiency, set up a designated area for packing, weighing and labelling the picked orders for shipment. The area should be extremely near to the loading docks.

For additional details about the best standard warehouse practices for effective sorting and distribution of goods, consult with Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We provide economical, quality third-party services to support your distribution and packaging needs when you find that your facilities and staff are not suitable to handle the load.

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