Types of Equipment that Help Increase Warehouse Efficiency

January 6, 2020

Efficiency is at the heart of every modern warehouse’s dream. A warehouse company invests time and effort so that it can reduce the number of unnecessary resources without compromising the output it produces. Once successful, warehouse efficiency enables the business to maximise its production while minimising the stressors among its employees. Below are types of equipment that help increase warehouse efficiency.

Hand-Held and Tabletop Packaging Equipment

Hand-held and tabletop packaging equipment are cost effective ways to increase efficiency in your warehouse, speed up processes, and reduce stress on warehouse staff. It can be used to automatically twist and tie the machines to be used for industries such as bakeries, retail, and e-commerce. By doing this, they can efficiently expedite the twisting and tying processes. Aside from that, hand-held and tabletop packaging equipment are equipped with bag openers. This additional detail helps assist the line workers, especially those in charge of packaging since they can easily open the bags. These bag openers vary in sizes and are adjustable. They are heavy duty so as not to be damaged when used on a daily basis. Additionally, this type of equipment also has label dispensers to easily adhere labels to packaging.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shrink wrapping equipment is a useful tool in packaging products in bulk, bundles or groups. By shrink wrapping your products, you can reduce damage and keep your products protected, while at the same time optimising storage space and making it easy to transport. The different types of shrink wrapping equipment include semi-automatic shrink wrappers, fully-automatic shrink wrappers, semi-automatic bundling equipment, fully-automatic bundling equipment, L-seal wrappers, side seal wrappers and shrink tunnels.

Case Packers

Manual case packing is a dated and cumbersome task for warehouse workers. Case packers are the best solution for filling cases with products. This equipment increases product speed by reducing the amount of time it takes to fill a case, allowing you to get more products out the door at a faster rate. Case packers can vary in volume and size and can also be automated or semi-automated. Some of its variations are drop packers, hand pack stations, horizontal case packers and pick and place case packers.


Using a palletiser solves the end of line logistics issue of organising and transporting products. Using equipment for palletizing helps to make your workforce more efficient and increase the rate at which products are able to be sent out for transit. Like the other packaging equipment we offer, palletisers come in a variety of applications, sizes, and functionalities. Some of them are low level palletisers, high level palletisers and robotic palletisers.

For more information on the types of equipment that help increase warehouse efficiency, consult Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We provide timely service that you can rely on. We deal directly with the owner to ensure that your critical deadlines are met 100 percent of the time.

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