Tips for Effective Warehousing and Distribution Services

November 6, 2015

If your company is similar to others today, one of its main concerns is how to provide effective warehousing and distribution services to ensure that your clients always receive their orders in a timely, accurate manner. In fact, it is such a major drain on a company that many businesses are turning to a specialist in the field such as Challenge Packing and Warehousing Solutions. Not only do we provide answers to the needs for adequate warehouse storage and inventory control, but we also offer a number of efficient services to deal with a company's distribution needs. As experts in our field, we provide you with some tips on providing an adequate warehouse space of your company's storage requirements along with timely and orderly distribution services.

Decide to Outsource to Accommodate Your Increased Needs

Instead of moving to a new warehouse building next year, you should decide to outsource your additional storage needs with our company. We will provide an area of our facility for your merchandise. With outsourcing, you will save money on rent, as you will no longer need to move to a larger, more expensive location. You will only pay for the extra space with us, which is far less pricey than moving your entire organization each time you realise a growth spurt.

Add Various Packaging Options

Add any of the packaging options that we offer to our overall plan for servicing your company needs. Our options in this area include container unpacking, re-packing, pick\pack, shrink-wrapping, contract packing, labeling and more.

Allow Us to Distribute Your Goods

We will distribute your merchandise according to the incoming orders. Our staff works efficiently to ensure the accuracy of our order fulfilment process along with timely delivery of the orders to the appropriate destination. Challenge's facilities are conveniently located to major arterials, ports and retail distribution centres, and this is why we can guarantee quick delivery of all in-stock orders.

Take Advantage of Inventory Control Methods

Our inventory control system records all incoming shipments and alerts you to their arrival, points out any shortages of stock, and deducts all outgoing merchandise from the inventory. Through these features, your company can keep a steady supply of the in-demand items and discover those that do not move off the shelf as quickly as you would like them to sell. As a result, you may alter your promotional campaigns once you learn this information to encourage people to purchase more of the slow movers, or you might even discontinue the items.

Consult with us to discover the full extent of how our company will help meet your warehousing and distribution services’ needs. We offer the above services on top of others that you may find quite beneficial to the profitability of your company.

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