Temporary Warehousing Solutions: What Makes It A Good Business Approach?

April 29, 2020

For businesses, operating space can be problematical, too much and the overhead is too high, too little and there are implications for operating efficiency. When there is too little warehousing space for example, it can sometimes lead to a frantic search for extra off site space which can be expensive and logistically difficult. Creating more room onsite is a long process if looking at a permanent structure but one answer might be to use a temporary warehousing solutions alongside existing buildings. Below are ways on how temporary warehousing solutions can be a good business approach.

Temporary Warehousing Solutions Can Be Easily Installed

The need for more space can be because of a sudden increase in business, or perhaps because of a catastrophe, which presents a much more urgent problem. A temporary warehouse can be the solution in both cases as it can be installed on site in a matter of days to get the business moving in a positive direction. How does a temporary structure make such a difference and make life easier for businesses?

Temporary Warehousing Solutions are Adaptable

A temporary warehouse is a modular structure that is assembled to a specific size, making it adaptable and suitable for most businesses which have the spare ground to accommodate it. It is engineered from non-corrosive aluminium, making it lightweight compared to a traditional building, but at the same time very strong. There is of course a standard for this type of building to ensure it resists the maximum wind and snow loadings, making it safe to use. The other important thing is that a building of this type only needs level hard standing and doesn't need foundations laying, which save time and money. So robust is this type of building that many companies keep them on a long term basis, but confusingly, the building would still be referred to as "temporary".

Temporary Warehousing Solutions are Cost Effective

The term "temporary" is used because unlike a permanent bricks and mortar building it can be dismantled, moved and re-erected elsewhere. This means that whereas a permanent building would have to be reduced to a pile of rubble before it could be moved, a temporary structure, being modular can be moved comparatively easily. This makes it attractive from a cost point of view as it can be resold to another company or even back to the building supplier for reselling as a second hand building. The fact that these buildings can be bought outright or hired is also attractive, as costs and cash flows can be controlled more effectively.

For additional details about temporary warehousing solutions as a good business approach, consult with Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We provide economical, quality third-party services to support your distribution and packaging needs when you find that your facilities and staff are not suitable to handle the load.

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