Essential Packaging Tips to Drive Productivity and Efficiency in Warehousing

April 7, 2020

Good packaging design that drive productivity and efficiency is a vital part in warehousing industry. Proper packaging protects items from vibrations, shocks, and bumps during transit. It must also withstand the demands of long-term storage and distribution. Packaging design can even promote easier stock identification and aid manual handling. All of these points drive productivity and overall efficiency. Below are essential packaging tips to drive productivity and efficiency.

Packaging Design Must Survive One-Metre Drop

The packaging design's main purpose is to protect goods; this is non-negotiable. It is said that your products should be able to survive a one-metre drop at several different angles without damage. These angles include landing flat on base, landing flat on top, landing flat on longest side, landing flat on shortest side and landing on a corner.

Packaging Design Must Be Durable

Packaging design must be durable and able to handle long-term sustained loads, such as stacking. It must cushion the product in case the item is dropped or shifts and falls during transit. Aside from that, packaging should be moisture-resistant to reduce costly damage from humidity and weather changes. It should act as a deterrent to thieves and tampering. Protective packaging does not have to cost a lot, but it does have to be effective. This must always be considered when manufacturers design their packaging. Rudimentary packaging may cause long-term costs due to damages, repairs, and reduced productivity.

Equip Packaging Accessories That Increase Productivity

Efficient staff is just as important as the packaging products themselves. It might be worth investing in items like strapping dispensers, which make packaging easy and fast. These items are mobile and can be used throughout your warehouse or workplace. They may require maintenance in order to keep them working in optimum condition for years to come, but remember that maintaining these items is a low-cost way to avoid costly replacements.

Go For Sustainable Packaging Methods

The sustainability of your brand is something all companies should endeavour to achieve. Today, 83 percent of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to make efforts towards sustainability. Loose fill packaging chips are now available as a biodegradable product, and can be a replacement for traditional Styrofoam chips or peanuts. Loose fill chips settle around fragile items and stop goods from rattling in their outer boxes.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Layers add protection, but this can mean heavyweight packaging and costly purchases. Consider if they are all necessary, or if there are redundancies that can be eliminated.

For more information on the essential packaging tips to drive productivity and efficiency in warehousing, consult Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions. We provide timely service that you can rely on. We deal directly with the owner to ensure that your critical deadlines are met 100 percent of the time.

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