The Importance of Strategic Location in Warehousing and Distribution Facilities

November 18, 2016

Growing companies that sell various types of products on a daily basis are often challenged with packing, shipping, and storing items in an efficient manner that best benefits their operation. The one most important factor that hinders the smooth running of a business is the lack of storage space, as well as the location of the warehouse in relation to the distribution facilities.

Often the need for more warehouse space leads companies to make the decision to either build new storage areas or rent needed warehouse space, to accommodate the company’s growth. There are also times when the warehouse and distribution facilities are not at the same location, and when this is the case, it hinders the smooth running of a business.

Many medium and small businesses also end-up outgrowing not only their physical storage space, but also the geographical location. While a company may start off serving a local community, as time passes and the business grows to service other parts of the state, or the entire country, a new strategic location should be sought that benefits the distribution of products.

Permanent Strategic Location that Benefits Warehousing and Distribution Facilities

When companies grow, it is not uncommon to occupy various distribution facilities from time-to-time, at different locations, as warehouse space is sought to stock materials and products, and to increase receiving, packaging, and distribution areas. Having one central strategic location, such as a permanent warehouse and distribution facility, is important, especially if it can accommodate a business’s storage needs, whether the company is downsizing or expanding.

Challenge Packaging and Warehouse Solutions is strategically located and has all the warehouse space and packaging services your company’s needs to grow. Our warehousing solutions can solve the common problem companies’ face, to find adequate storage and packaging space all in one strategic location.

For companies located in Victoria that are seeking a strategic location, one that can meet their warehouse storage needs, to avoid being forced to move to a larger location every time the storage needs change, then Challenge Packaging and Warehousing Solutions is answer.

Here at Challenge, our strategically located warehouse and distribution facilities are centrally positioned to best benefit your company’s distribution needs. Contact us today, and learn how Challenge can help your company grow by offering outsourcing services for packaging, storage, transport and the distribution of your products.

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