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Challenge Packaging forges partnerships with our clients, successfully implementing packing and distribution services that provide reliable and cost-effective outsourcing.


Our Services Include:

  • Quality packaging of your products in our clean and modern premises.
  • Container unpacking.
  • Coordination of receipt of the various stock lines.
  • Confirmation of quantities of finished goods received into storage.
  • Packing, heat sealing, shrink wrapping and re-packing as required.

Any business that is involved in the distribution of goods will be more than aware of the countless difficulties that can be faced when confronting logistics, and for a smaller or start-up business where margins for error are more critical, it is imperative that all logistical processes are carried out with ultimate efficiency.

One practice that is sure to reduce overall costs for all businesses, not only in the short but long term too, is outsourcing packaging and warehousing tasks to a dedicated team that undertake what are often, time consuming and onerous tasks for you. At Challenge Packaging we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all of your warehouse and packaging requirements that will inevitably reduce your costs, increase your profit margin and free up time to focus on other aspects of how to grow your business. Some immediate benefits of outsourcing packaging are that you no longer have to be concerned about changes or upgrades to your packaging process as the result of a promotional campaign or similar, and that seasonal fluctuations in your output will be managed cost effectively – you will not have to worry about storing larger volumes of your product in your own confined premises when faced with increases or decreases in demand.

Amongst our services we offer product re-works, an essential part of manufacturing logistics, that will provide a remedy for any packages that have in some-way been compromised or damaged and are unfit for sale; our skilled and experienced team can restore your products to their original condition.

In addition, Challenge Packaging provide a full range of product labelling services, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) labels, alongside heat wrapping services, shrink wrapping, hand assembly and container unpacking services amongst others.

And in particular if you require PDQ or POS displays assembly co-packing, we are ready to help you and with our commitment to meeting 100% of critical deadlines you can be sure of a service that won’t let you down. In a similar vein, should you require the services of a kitting company, bundling up individual but related items for despatch, this too, is well within our remit.

Location is of prime importance for logistics companies and the new, clean and modern 40,000ft2 Challenge Packaging facility is ideally situated in Laverton North with great access to all major retailers’ distribution centres, arterial transport routes and of course, the port. Efficient transport and communication links all add to the overall effectiveness of our operation, saving both time and money for all parties.

Building strong relationships with our clients is a key focus of our business at Challenge Packaging, having trust in our ability to deliver our services on time, every time and meeting your particular and individual needs is facilitated by ensuring all contacts are made through the owner, leaving you in no doubt that you are in the hands of consummate professionals who care about you and your business.

When you are in need of logistical packing, storage and kitting services, let Challenge Packaging take the strain for you.

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