What are the 6 Primary Warehouse Processes?

July 31, 2020

The six primary warehouse process consist of receiving, put away, storage, picking packing and shipping. If you want to improve your warehouse operations, minimise additional costs and errors and get the highest order rate without any mishandlings. In order to improve your overall warehouse processes, it is important to understand each of the six warehouse processes. Below is an overview of them.


Receiving is the principal warehouse procedure and one of the most significant. To play out the receiving procedure appropriately, the warehouse ought to have the option to check that it has gotten the correct item, in the correct amount, in the correct condition, and at the perfect time. Neglecting to do so will impact and affect every single resulting activity. Receiving likewise includes the exchange of duty regarding the products to the warehouse. This spots responsibility on the warehouse for keeping up the state of the merchandise until they are delivered. Appropriately receiving payload will permit you to sift through harmed products and stay away from risk for them.


Put-away is the subsequent warehouse process and is the development of merchandise from the receiving dock to the most ideal warehouse storage area. Neglecting to put merchandise in their most perfect area can hinder the efficiency of warehouse activity.


Storage is the warehouse procedure where merchandise are put into their most suitable storage space. At the point when done appropriately, the storage procedure completely amplifies the accessible space in your warehouse and builds work effectiveness.


Picking is the warehouse procedure that gathers items in a warehouse to satisfy client orders. Since it is the costliest procedure in the warehouse, including as much as 55% of the absolute working cost, upgrading this procedure will permit you to diminish costs fundamentally and increment your warehouse effectiveness. Smoothing out of this procedure ought to likewise concentrate on accomplishing higher exactness, as mistakes can directly affect your consumer loyalty.


Packing is the warehouse procedure that unites picked things in a business request and prepares them for shipment to the client. One of the primary errands of packing is to guarantee that harms are limited from the time things leave the warehouse. Moreover, bundling must be sufficiently light so as not to build the heaviness of the merchandise and negligible enough to control bundling costs.


Shipping is the last warehouse process and the beginning of the excursion of merchandise from the warehouse to the client. Shipping is viewed as fruitful just if the correct request is arranged and stacked, is dispatched to the correct client, goes through the correct travel mode, and is conveyed securely and on schedule. Past processes, for example, requesting, put-away, picking, and packing, are additionally imperative to the achievement of shipping since they incredibly influence whether the request is satisfied precisely and securely.

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